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Pearl Linguistics offers Quality Translation Services that you can rely on.

"Quality" is a watchword at Pearl Linguistics, so to give you peace of mind: we are one of the few linguistics companies in the UK to have obtained ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems accreditation.

We are also a member of both the ATC (Association of Translation Companies) & ITI (Institute of Translators and Interpreters), the two most prestigious linguistics governing bodies in the world.

Last year, we became the proud winners of the Best Service Award (Government Opportunities) and Excellence in Customer Service Award (London Chamber of Commerce) for:

  1. having a 100% customer satisfaction rate;
  2. delivering a service which exceeds the expectations of buyers and end-users;
  3. demonstrating a high level of collaboration and partnership with clients; and
  4. adding value by adopting an innovative or creative approach to addressing the requirements of contracts.
Member of Association of Translation Companies ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems Corporate member of Institute of translators and interpreters. Chamber Awards 2008 Government Best Service Award

From the recruitment of linguists to the processing of projects and customer feedback, we implement numerous quality controls to make sure your requirements are fulfilled to the highest possible standard.


Linguists wishing to work for Pearl Linguistics must pass through the following stages:

  • Reference/accreditation checks (ITI, IOL, NRPSI, etc.)
  • Qualification checks (BA, MA, DPSI, DipTrans, etc.)
  • Screening through our face-to-face interview process
  • Proof of over 1,000,000 words of translation in their specialist area
  • Specialist translation tests
  • Contracts covering liability and confidentiality issues


Proof-reading: As standard, all documents are proof-read before delivery for accuracy, grammar, terminology, spelling, punctuation, omissions, consistency and format/layout. All published documents are proof-read by a second independent linguist. In-house editors check all documents before delivery. All published documents over 15,000 words are subject to our 6-Stage Quality Check.

Spot Checks: Using independent linguists, we perform spot checks after every 10,000 words (approx.) of translated copy to ensure our linguists are providing the quality of translation we are offering to the client as standard.

Training: Regular training seminars are held for Pearl's new translators who are unfamiliar with a certain client's preferred terminology and/or areas of work.

Glossaries: Glossaries are available on-demand to our translators in all core service areas.

Monitoring by a multicultural & multilingual project management team: All of our senior staff are professional linguists. Every translation project passes through their hands, making the monitoring of service levels and quality a continual and ongoing process. Our project management team makes sure:

  • that we only use translators who translate into their mother tongue
  • that we set up and use the same team of translators for the same client for continuity and consistency
  • that the translator we choose is a specialist in the subject of the source text
  • that we are in constantly liaising with translators and clients to deal with any potential issues as they arise

Click here to download our Project Management Cycle and 6-Stage Quality Check.

Feedback: Feedback is an essential part of our monitoring process. It allows us keep abreast of general adherence to service expectations. We provide various methods for our clients to give us feedback regarding the quality of our service, including a feedback form translated into 60 languages.

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