The Language Bridge

25th Apr 2014

There are many reasons why I became a translator, but one of them has always stood out to me: to facilitate communication. Language always fascinated me with its power to establish relationships. Even animals possess their very own forms of communication, some we can’t even fathom yet. Not that the origin of our very own language is any clearer to us. 

The origins of human language are still widely discussed among scholars and there are many theories, from animal imitation to the evolution from sounds expressed in pain or joy. If you'd like to learn more information on some of the main theories please follow this link. I know the names are funny but hold your laughter for a little bit, this is all scientific!

A bit further on, we find the first known written language: Cuneiform. Invented by the Sumerians in ancient Mesopotamia, it is believed to have been created mainly to facilitate record keeping on business transactions.

The advent of written language inevitably meant the advent of translation and translation services. Interpreting services on the other hand would have been around for quite some time already, as a myriad of spoken languages already existed at this point in history. The study of the origins of all these instruments, although still controversial, illuminates humanity's need for communication and interaction.

It is this impulse to reach out to the other, to express how we feel and what we think, that drove and still drives language. It is through language we have managed to create such complex concepts as freedom, time or happiness. The Austrian philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein said "the limits of my language mean the limits of my knowledge". Language is the tool with which we project emotion, thought and need. It is the vessel of human experience. It is the bridge we built to relate to our world and to the other. 

For me that’s what languages always were: a bridge. A bridge you can cross in need, love, friendship, solidarity, business... I have crossed these bridges many times myself, working and living in London as a Portuguese immigrant. 

Every brochure translation we've done is a bridge we have built for someone in need. Every contract translation a business opportunity we have helped solidify. Asylum seeker interpreting, refugee interpreting, hospital interpreting, all services we provide that help people when they are most vulnerable. We are the builders of bridges and I am proud to know that, at the end of a business day, we will have provided an invaluable service to all the people out there who needed bridges to cross. 

If you are in need of a bridge, at Pearl Linguistics you will find a staff made of builders. You can reach us at sales@pearllinguistics.comor call 0207 253 7700.

Liliana Arcanjo, Translation Project Manager (Builder of Bridges)


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