Suits and skyscrapers

25th Apr 2016

It has been over a month since Pearl Linguistics moved to the dazzling delights of Canary Wharf. Well, actually just on the outskirts of Canary Wharf, the Isle of Dogs to be precise. Canary Wharf, a cluster of skyscrapers and offices and dubbed the Manhattan on Thames. The scenery has certainly undergone an upgrade compared to our previous office that’s for sure.

Everywhere you look there are fine dining establishments, bars and restaurants, as business men in pin striped suits with slicked black hair sip on sparkling water and nibble into an array of elegant appetizers, all while the stunning backdrop of tall and large looming buildings set the scene on this fast paced financial district.

Pearl has really moved up in the world and it’s not hard to see why. A successful rebranding operation has really taken the brand to another level and the changes can be felt, both internally and externally. Innovative staff training modules which will soon be converted to a sophisticated eLearning programme, staff retention and initiatives are transitioning the brand into more visible on-line and social media platforms. And the reviews certainly speak for themselves.

The change has surely been felt by our most valued Pearl Linguistics representatives, and that is of course our interpreters and translators who have also reaped the benefit of training modules and a more personal and efficient service with our internal team with guaranteed response times to questions and queries within 24 hours or less. Never has the communication been more open and flowing between our external and internal teams than it has now.

And so back to our new home, what is life like at the new Pearl office? The beam of sunshine fills the open plan office as busy Booking Coordinators engage in communication with our interpreters, booking them into allocated work on behalf of our customers, helping and servicing vulnerable and ill NHS patients all over the country. Doctors, Nurses and Ambulance drivers are all valuable and important members of the NHS team, but which other occupation is non-stop and similar to these lifesaving health professionals? That would be of course Interpreters, and at Pearl our interpreters and translators are the heart and soul of the company.

Each department now has their own room, a far cry from the previous office where often members of different teams had to share. With dedicated teams of Account Managers, HR, Sales, Translation, Finance, Recruitment and of course our Booking Coordinators now having their own space to work and multitask on various protocols and projects, the Pearl team is now a more intimate and privileged place to work.

Boardroom, staff room and even two kitchens, now is the best time to be part of this ever expanding and growing company, and the new environment and décor is a perfect refection of that change.

With new innovative and exciting plans in the pipeline the future of Pearl is looking more beautiful with each passing day. Just like sparkling pearls on a pearl necklace.  

Written by Michael Lee (Creative and Business Development Manager at Pearl Linguistics Ltd)

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