Legal Translation - Certifications

17th Oct 2016

Legal Translations - CertificationsA Certified Translationis the translation of a document that has been certified as accurate for submission to a wide range of official organisations and bodies.

Documents that may require Translation Certification include official transcripts (high school certificates, university degrees and vocational training certificates); regulatory documents (informed consents, protocols, research data forms and case report forms); papers that need to be submitted to official bodies (birth, marriage and divorce certificates); and patents.

As a member of both the Association of Translation Companies ( and the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (, Pearl Linguistics covers all levels of certification required, but we recommend checking with the authority or client concerned before proceeding with translation as costs and timeframes will vary according to the certification required.


1.     Translation Certification

Company Certificate

The most common (and quickest to produce) certificate Pearl is asked for is a signed Company Certificate which attests to the accuracy of the translation on behalf of the translator, stating their credentials.

I, the undersigned <Name of Project Manager / Managing Director>, <Position>,hereby certify that the translation from the <Source language> language into the <Target language> language of the <Title of document translated>, hereunto annexed, as commissioned by <Name of client>, has been performed, for and on behalf of <Translation Company Name>,by <Translator’s name>, <Translator’s qualifications>,a professional translator in the <Target language>language employed by <Translation Company Name>,to the best of his/her knowledge and ability and that it is a true and accurate rendering of the legible text, as contained in the original.

Translator’s Certificate

An official signed declaration by the translator, or Translator’s Certificate, proving that the translation is accurate and complete to the best of their knowledge and ability is also available.

 I, the undersigned <Name of translator>, <qualifications>,hereby certify that the translation from the <Source language> language into the <Target language> language of the <Title of document translated / job reference / job ID>, hereunto annexed, [as commissioned by <Name of client>,] has been performed for and on behalf of <Translation Company Name>by myselfto the best of my knowledge and ability and that it is a true and accurate rendering of the legible text, as contained in the original.

Certified translations will be appropriately stamped with our company name and address, registration number and ATC membership, as well as having Pearl Linguistics’ company seal.


2.     Notarisation

Notarisationis the authentication of a document that involves the translator swearing an oath before a Notary Public who confirms that they are a professionally qualified translator and their authorisation to translate such documents. The notary then adds his or her seal and a certified copy of the original text attached.

In the same way, Pearl Linguistics can arrange to have our Company Certificate certified by a Notary on behalf of the translator. 

Reasons why we may be requested to provide a Notarised Translation can be for overseas governmental authorities, a foreign court or a trade registry, and any other transaction abroad involving commercial activity.


3.     Legalisation and Apostille

Documents being used for commercial use abroad may need to be legalised or contain an Apostille, which is the international equivalent of a domestic notarisation, before they can be accepted.

Pearl can obtain legalisation by Apostille at the Foreign & Commonwealth Officewhich certifies that the translation is genuine and the translation can be used for legal purposes in over 100 countries.

With over 12 years’ experience of providing certified legal translations, Pearl can help you save time and money on your next translation request.

Please contact us on 020 7253 7700 or email sales@pearllinguistics.comfor more information.

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