It is all Greek to me!

8th Mar 2013

You speak Greek – you just don’t know it!

Have you ever noticed that there is a gigantic catalogue of Greek words inside the English lexicon? In fact, the cataclysmic plethora of the Greek words used in an average English dialogue can cause a dynamic dysphoria to eccentric speakers.

The Greek glossary is more emphatically the epicentre of the medical terminology, as the genesis of western medicine happened in ancient Greece. Hippocrates, the physician modern doctors vow to, placed the metathesis from the myth of priests healing the body to observation-based diagnoses and physical therapeutic treatments. With his followers, he began writing a prototype of their medical observations. The terms, whether pathologic, anatomic or therapeutic, were in Greek and this prologue of modern medicine stigmatized the paradigm of western medical lexicon.

This is a rhetoric allegory of the symbiosis of languages in our society; The myriads of lexes of distant languages become enharmonic and turn a monolithic set of sounds into a chaotic labyrinth of lyrical mixtures, parallel to the ethnologically diverse cosmography we are experiencing. Xenophobes will employ demagogic ways to cynically criticize the union of cultures due to a catholic fear of any “barbaric” characteristic. But does the chrysalis become a butterfly without change? Caustic anachronistic cries about falling into a catastrophic abyss if we acclimatize with other cultures cause agony and urge people to seek asylum within their own. Paradoxically, this only leads to the asphyxiation of our own eudemonia. The cacophony of these autocrats places a dilemma between phonemic neologisms and patriarchal safety.

Languages and cultures are not antagonistic; it is antethnic to believe this anecdote that this colossal choir of prostheses to a language can be catastrophic. This eclectic monotony needs to be metamorphosised into an enthusiastic heterogeneous megalith of idyllic phraseologies, each of which represents a small fraction of the psyche of the culture they derive from. Let us not allow sardonic skepticisms to cause a schism and desynchronize the symphony that took so many eons to synthesize.

If I tantalized you with my hyperbolic use of Hellenic phraseology I apologize. I exaggerated in order to prove the point that languages are interconnected nowadays. As many of us are now speak other languages, we are always noticing bits and pieces of foreign languages integrated within our own. Isn’t it interesting when you discover an extra piece of information about, not only a foreign language, but mostly your own? Doesn’t that discovery make you wonder how come this happy accident came to be?

Languages are not just random sounds put together; they are a piece of our cultural background and they represent us. And just like we are changing and accepting different people in our lives, shouldn’t our language represent that? After all, the only language that doesn’t evolve is a dead language – is it not?

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Andria Zorpa, Recruitment Manager


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