Importance and Necessity of Legal Translations

31st Jul 2015

With over 10% of the British population using a language other than English at home (according to the British Council) and global commerce on the rise, the need for multilingual contracts, forms, tenders and other legal documents is rapidly growing. Legal translation is absolutely mission-critical.

Numerous companies require legal documents to be translated from one language to another. However, translating legal documents is a very complex task. Even minor errors in the translation can result in potential lawsuits and legal exposure that will consume a lot of unnecessary time and money. This is why you need professional legal translators to do the job.

What Does Legal Translation Cover

Legal translator services cover the translation of documents and texts that have legal importance. These could include the translation of:

General Laws


Patents, Trademarks and Copyrights


Judicial Transcripts



Sales Deeds


Skills a Legal Translator Should Possess

1. Accuracy

Accuracy is the single most important quality a legal translator should have. Even the slightest mistake can lead to heavy damages.

2. Speed

When the translator services are being provided for attorneys and barristers, speed is of utmost importance to ensure that all hold ups are minimized.

3. Laws of Different Cultures

A legal translator should be well versed with the laws of both the cultures to be able to translate with ease. Extensive legal knowledge is a pre-requisite for becoming a legal translator.

4. Vocabulary and Sensitivity in Cultures

Translator services are not just about translating text; when translating to another language, one has to keep in mind the cultural approaches, vocabulary and sensitive issues. Moreover, legal vocabulary and jargon varies from culture to culture; hence, a legal translator should be well versed in these fields.

5. Confidentiality

Matters of legal significance are usually confidential, and so, a legal translator should be of credible standing and is expected to maintain client confidentiality.

The importance of precise legal translation has become a hot topic nowadays, especially when dealing with a vital situation such as finalising a business overseas, court interpreting, medical research, and other legal situations.

Pearl Linguistics has been dedicated to offering its unique, tailor-made translation service, ensuring law firms receive the language support they require.

We understand the time-frames in which legal services operate and ensure we always work within them. That is why we operate our fast translation service designed to cater for impossible deadlines often imposed by law firms.

We ensure confidentiality and perform full quality checks throughout our service. That is why Pearl Linguistics is partner of choice to hundreds of legal companies who look for high quality service and quick turnaround.

For more information on how our legal translation services can benefit your company, please contact our sales team on 020 7253 7700 or email us at

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