If you work for a law firm, accuracy and fast delivery of translations are very important. However, confidentiality also plays a major role. Most of the documents that we translate from our major clients, including Hogan Lovells, Mishcon de Reya, and Charles Russell Speechlys, are strictly confidential to the point that, in some cases, these documents cannot leave their offices and our translators need to work on their premises.

Pearl Linguistics over the years has implemented a highly secure IT infrastructure so that this is rarely necessary. The encryption and security of documents is paramount during the translation process when documents are leaving a client's secure network for translation by a legal translation specialist.

Pearl Linguistics’ stringent security measures and confidentiality systems include physical security, logical security and data security.

Physical Security

All core servers are clustered and located at a secure Data Centre. The Data Centre is a high security facility fully alarmed and monitored by the London Metropolitan Police and further secured with CCTV. The server facility is locked, with access controlled 24/7 by security personnel. The Data Centre is in a secret location and is home to a number of other servers, mainly owned by large corporations and banks. Access to the Data Centre can only be made by the General Manager and Managing Director of Pearl Linguistics as well as our IT contractor.

Backups are taken daily to disk by the IT department and are stored on a seven day retention period. The backups are securely mirrored to a remote device located in a second Data Centre location and are stored in optimum conditions and are available for retrieval under strict service levels.

Our Data Centre hosting partner holds current ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certifications (copies available on request), so you can rest assured that any work undertaken in this environment adheres to these standards.

Logical Security

Access to the Pearl Linguistics network is controlled using domain and server specific security policies. All major hacking/exploit sites are monitored and all service packs and patches are implemented as available, without service interruption using clustering technology.

Our ISP monitors key servers, network equipment as well as bandwidth utilisation 24 x 7 x 365. This is in addition to our dedicated monitoring system which polls key hardware and services every 90 seconds. These measures will highlight unusual network activity along with the other specific security systems. In the event that any pre-configured thresholds are triggered, our IT staff are alerted and a support case is immediately raised against strict response SLAs.

Each person has an individual login and password to gain access to the network. User accounts must comply with the rules specified in the domain security policy, which include rules on password complexity, length and frequency of change. If a machine is stolen the system gets formatted automatically and we are still able to retrieve data.

Anti-Virus software is installed on all client machines and updates are managed and deployed through a central management console. Within this console our IT department are alerted to any potential Virus or Malware outbreaks so that they may be dealt with promptly.

Data Security (File Transfer)

We accept translation and interpreting requests from clients and communicate with linguists using a number of methods.

  • E-mail
  • Recorded Mail
  • Secure FTP
  • DX
  • ORBIT™

All interpreting bookings are managed through ORBIT™. All of Pearl’s operations including ORBIT™ activities have achieved Level 3 in the IG ToolKit.

Files sent by this method are received by the same software. They are decrypted by the web server and stored on our network behind our firewall in a specific client directory structure governed by the security of the in house systems.

Files that are sent for external translation are sent to the translators through ORBIT™ Translator Portal. The translator portal allows translators, using an access code and password, to pick up their files for translation from our secure ftp and to return them once completed. Again, the translator communication is encrypted using 128 bit SSL.

Email Security

Our standard email system is extremely secure too – the transmission of data between our Outlook client and the Data Centre email servers is encrypted with SSL which means that it cannot be intercepted over the internet. Access to our email accounts is protected by a complex password (i.e. one that is difficult to guess using commonly available password crackers) so the integrity of our email system is very high.

Staff Security

Access to client files is given to our internal staff at Pearl Linguistics, and external translators. For both access levels, the security mechanisms surrounding our systems are paramount. Internally, staff must have access to manage any given project and undertake stages normally expected for translation delivery (file processing, analysis, memory management). External access to files is achieved by supplying to vendors using the translator portal described above. Translators collect the files, store them on their hard disks for the duration of the translation, then delete the files after use.

 Pearl Linguistics is ISO 27001 accredited. The following is also held by Pearl.

  1. Cyber Essential Certificate achieved
  2. IGToolKit Level 3 achieved
  3. Registered with Data Protection Act

For further technical information on our secure translation services please contact: security@pearllinguistics.com