CHANGE! It's not about accepting it, it's not about adjusting to it. It is about seeking it out!

25th Feb 2013

I have recently picked up a book of my husband’s that had been recommended to him from his work. It is titled Who Moved My Cheese? An Amazing Way to Deal with Change in Your Work and in Your Life. It’s a motivational book by Spencer Johnson written in the style of a parable or business fable. It has sold more than 26 million copies worldwide, translated into 37 languages and remains one of the best-selling business books.

It describes change in one's work and life, and four typical reactions to that change by two mice and two "littlepeople".

Change is inevitable, and very much so in the UK. Indeed, the UK is second only to the USA in the numbers of migrants coming to its shores, and the rest of Europe is a long way off those numbers. In London alone over 300 languages are spoken in schools with the most established being Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Mandarin and Cantonese.

This provides us with a cosmopolitan backdrop to our communities that, if valued, can provide richness and diversity. The rate of change is so fast that we are forced to adapt far quicker than in the 50s, 60s, 70s and even 80s – this is the result of the world coming closer together through technology.

Businesses, in the main recognises this, and below is an example:

People talk of the declining British car industry, but nothing could be further from the truth.

In 2012 the?UK exported more cars than ever before. British factories made 1.46m cars last year, the highest number since 2007 – and experts predict further growth in the years ahead.

Of these, 1.21m cars were sold abroad, beating the previous record of 1.19m set in 2007.

It’s not only interesting to see a diverse skilled workforce migrating to the UK looking for work; it’s interesting to see who owns these companies and where their market is, was, and where it is going.

More than four-fifths of the cars made in Britain are now sent overseas, and these are from international companies:

   · Toyota & Honda manufacture in the UK and are Japanese owned, likewise Nissan is in Sunderland   is now French owned.

   · Jaguar Land-Rover Ltd is owned by Tata, an Indian Company.

   · The Mini is a large British and international brand which is now German owned.

These manufacturers are brushing off declining demand from recession-hit Europe, which has reported a slump in new car registrations to an 18-year low, in favour of fast-growing economies in Asia and Latin America.

Jaguar Land-Rover, which has five British factories, has found that China had leapfrogged the UK to become its biggest market helping the company post record-breaking sales. The firm also said it would create up to 800 new jobs at its Solihull factory as a result of growth in the Chinese market especially.

So change is here, change is good and we see the opportunities for international collaborations are growing. The interpreting and translation services have never been more relevant to the future growth and prosperity of the UK. As our exporters are keen to exploit new markets, there is a growing need for Mandarin, Russian and Brazilian Portuguese language services as well as the desire to find out more about the business cultures of these countries.

With a new wave of immigration in the 1990s and 2000s, we have increasing requirements for Eastern European languages including Polish, Czech, Lithuanian and many others, and these new communities all contribute to the cultural melting pot that is the UK.

There are traditional people, who hark back to an imaginary England that never existed, an England of cottages and Morris Mini-Minors.

Well, they need to see their cheese has indeed moved, and it’s not a bad thing. I recommend they and everyone have a read of Spencer Johnson’s  book.

Anna Henshaw, Polish Interpreter (full time)

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