Are you a polyglot?

20th Sep 2013

From my first year in school I have been learning 3 languages and thinking, will I ever learn more languages? And now, I have been working in the interpreting industry for quite a while and I have been wondering every day what does polyglot mean and how many languages can one person speak?

Polyglot is a unique linguist being able to communicate fluently in a minimum of four languages. However, now, in a multilingual society it is not something so unusual anymore.

As everyone knows learning a new language is a very long and serious process. The most difficult languages are Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Korean as per statistics of the Foreign Service Institute in the US. and Russian is the easiest, which I think is wrong. 

Firstly , I would like to mention aremarkable person- Emil Kreb, German polyglot, he could speak and write in 68 languages and studied 120 languages. He was practicing every day for 5 years. Don’t you think these are phenomenal skills?

Nowadays, we get recommendations to go and live in the country if you want to learn a new language.Here is another interesting fact; Giuseppe Caspar Mezzofanti, Italian cardinal,  knew 38 languages, and 50 dialects and he never left Italy.

Rasmus Rask, professor of Copenhagen university, knew 230 languages and also published dictionaries and grammar books for several languages. How impressive!

Last but not least, Harold Williams, the most talented polyglot in history,  was able to speak 58 languages. “When he was about seven, ‘an explosion in his brain’ occurred and from that time his capacity to learn, in particular languages, grew to a surprising degree”.

All these extraordinary people have made a great impact on me, after realizing that it is never too late for anything and especially to learn new languages I was thinking what is the quickest way to learn a new language and after doing small research I found this way.

So, would you like to learn at least 500 Russian words in one minute?

Ask me how!

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