A day in the life of a Translation Project Manager at Pearl Linguistics

19th Apr 2013

At Pearl Linguistics we pride ourselves on the fact that our Translation Project Managers are all qualified translators, having studied either a Postgraduate Diploma or Master’s Degree in translation and/or interpreting studies. On the whole our office is a melting pot of different languages and cultures, as many of our staff are or have been professional linguists during their career. Our Translation Department is no different, comprising of multilingual staff with a keen interest in learning about other languages and cultures, which really helps in our day-to-day life in the office.

We hold a number of important contracts with Public Sector organisations, such as NHS Trusts and county councils (check out our News page for more information about our new contracts), so we split the department between our Private Sector and Public Sector PMs.

Our Public Sector PMs deal with all requests for written translation from our contract clients, large or small, urgent or standard delivery, in any language. The nature of these organisations means that we can expect any kind of request, from a parking fine contest form written in Punjabi or a large volume of medical documents for a patient in critical care. All documents are strictly confidential and our translators sign confidentiality agreements with us before starting work.

Our Private Sector PMs work with all other clients in the legal, banking, medical/pharmaceutical, marketing and technical sectors, to name but a few. Many of our clients return to us time after time for translation services, such as law firms and marketing agencies, and some will use our services on an ad-hoc basis as their need for translation may be less frequent. Over the years we have continuously provided excellent level s of customer service and high quality translations, thanks to our highly trained translators and Project Managers, and our dedicated Sales Team for the Private and Public Sectors.

Every day is different in the Translation Department; we all manage a large number of projects each week, all of varying sizes and each with different requirements from the clients. Usually the first thing we will do on arrival at the office is to sort through emails and deliver the projects that are due that particular day. The number of projects for delivery varies from day to day, so we can spend a couple of hours checking through translations and delivering them to our clients, or we can spend a whole morning on one project if there is a very large volume to check through. Of course, during the morning we will receive emails and phone calls with new requests from our clients or queries from our translators that must all be addressed quickly and efficiently, and we may have to place an urgent project for delivery later that same day or early the following morning. This all means that we have to remain very organised and focused throughout the day, organising our emails according to projects and keeping on top of our paperwork. Some days are busier than others, but we enjoy working in a busy, fast-paced environment that changes all the time! As PMs we rely on our qualified and experienced translators day after day to work with often highly sensitive material, and we would also like to take this opportunity to thank them all very much for their hard work over the past year!

If you would like more information about our Public Sector translation services and contracts, or our Legal translation and Marketing translation services, please contact our Sales team at sales@pearllinguistics.com or call 020 7253 7700.

Claire Sawer, Translation Project Manager



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