30 Ways to say Hello around the World. How many can you remember?

21st Mar 2014

Arabic- sabbah-el-khair (good morning), masaa-el-khair (good evening), Marhaba (Hello)

Armenian- barev or parev

Bahamas– hello (formal), hi or heyello (informal)

Basque - kaixo (pronounced kai-show), egun on (morning; pronounced egg-un own), gau on (night; pronounced gow own)

Bavarian and Austrian German- grüß Gott (pronounced gruess gott), servus (informal; also means "goodbye"; pronounced zair-voos)

Bengali— namaskar

Bulgarian- zdraveite, zdrasti (informal)

Burmese- mingalarbar

Catalan- hola (pronounced o-la), bon dia (pronounced bon dee-ah)good morning, bona tarda (bona tahr-dah) good afternoon, bona nit (bona neet)good night

Chamorro- hafa adai (hello/what's up?), hafa? (informal), howzzit bro/bran/prim/che'lu? (informal), sup (informal)and all other English greetings

Chichewa- moni bambo! (to a male), moni mayi! (to a female)

Chinese- Cantonese nei ho (pronounced nay ho) Mandarin (pronounced ni hao)

Congo- mambo

Croatian- boke (informal), dobro jutro (morning), dobar dan (day), dobra ve?er (evening), laku no? (night)

Czech- dobré ráno (until about 8 or 9 a.m.), dobrý den (formal), dobrý ve?er (evening), ahoj (informal; pronounced ahoy)

Danish- hej (informal; pronounced hey), god dag (formal), god aften (evening; formal), hejsa (very informal).

Dutch - hoi (very informal), hallo (informal), goedendag (formal)

Esperanto- saluton

Finnish- hyvää päivää (formal), moi or hei (informal), moro (Tamperensis)

French- salut (informal; silent 't'), bonjour (formal, for daytime use; 'n' as a nasal vowel), bonsoir (good evening; 'n' is a nasal vowel), bonne nuit (good night). There is also "ça va", but this is more often used to mean "how are you?"

Gaeilge- dia duit (informal; pronounced dee-ah gwitch; literally "God be with you")

Georgian- gamardjoba

German - hallo (informal), Guten Tag (formal; pronounced gootan taag), Tag (very informal; pronounced taack).

Gujarathi- kem che

Greek- yia sou (pronounced yah-soo; informal), yia sas (formal)

Hawaiian - aloha

Hebrew - shalom (means "hello", "goodbye" and "peace"), hi (informal), ma kore? (very informal, literally means "whats happening" or "whats up")

Hindi - namaste (pronounced na-mus-thei), kaise hain (a little formal), kaise ho (more informal, familiar)

Hindustani– Namaste

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