100 positive reviews on FEEFO!!!

20th Dec 2016

100 positive reviews on FEEFO! At Pearl Linguistics, we strive to provide our customers with the most efficient translation service they can possibly get - timely and effective responses to all queries, immediate action and high quality...

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Pearl Linguistics at the RBCC Centenary Business Forum 2016

24th Oct 2016

Last month saw Pearl Linguistics attending the RBCC Centenary Business Forum at the British Medical Association House in Central London. The event takes place every year and aims at discussing new business opportunities within the states as...

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Goodbye Wesley and Alex

21st Oct 2016

It is with a sad tone that we say goodbye to two much loved Recruitment Consultant at Pearl Linguistics. Wesley Humberstone and Alex Alonso are both leaving for pastures new and with them they leave fond memories and a portfolio of hard work...

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Legal Translation - Certifications

17th Oct 2016

A Certified Translationis the translation of a document that has been certified as accurate for submission to a wide range of official organisations and bodies. Documents that may require Translation Certification include official transcripts...

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Pearl Linguistics at the Language Show 2016

17th Oct 2016

Pearl Linguistics was an exhibitor at this year’s Language Show 2016 held in London Olympia. The Language Show London is Europe’s largest exhibition for people with a passion for languages. Pearl was among over 150 exhibitors...

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Damn Daniel!

4th Aug 2016

It is with a sad tone that we say goodbye to a much loved Recruitment Consultant at Pearl Linguistics. Daniel Gomez has been at Pearl Linguistics since September 2015 and has been an enthusiastic and hardworking member of the team, being the...

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Equality and Diversity

3rd Jun 2016

So what are these terms ‘equality’ and ‘diversity’, and what do they really mean? Well, in the UK, ‘equality’ is about promoting and fostering everybody’s right to be different, about being free from...

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How Safe Are You With Pearl Linguistics?

2nd Jun 2016

If you work for a law firm, accuracy and fast delivery of translations are very important. However, confidentiality also plays a major role. Most of the documents that we translate from our major clients, including Hogan Lovells, Mishcon de...

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Goodbye Osman

20th May 2016

It is with a sad tone that we say goodbye to a much loved Interpreting Booking Coordinator at Pearl Linguistics. Osman Akhtar, a graduate in Law has been at Pearl Linguistics since February 2015 and has been an enthusiastic and hardworking...

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The people of Pearl

9th May 2016

It’s really the people that make Pearl Linguistics the kind of company it is. Our people are smart, determined and extremely passionate in what they do. The people of Pearl Linguistics also hail from all walks of life and speak dozens of...

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Interns and Apprenticeships

4th May 2016

At Pearl Linguistics, we love our interns and consider them a vital and important part of our team. We have had a number of incredibly talented, dedicated and hardworking interns work with us over the years eager to gain new skills and...

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Suits and skyscrapers

25th Apr 2016

It has been over a month since Pearl Linguistics moved to the dazzling delights of Canary Wharf. Well, actually just on the outskirts of Canary Wharf, the Isle of Dogs to be precise. Canary Wharf, a cluster of skyscrapers and offices and dubbed...

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How to translate and interpret idioms and expressions?

11th Nov 2015

In Germany you have “Tomaten auf den Augen” (tomatoes in the eyes), whereas in Italy you have “Gli occhi foderati di prosciutto” (ham in the eyes) if you are not seeing what everyone else can see. If you are in a...

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Top 5 Legal Translation Tips

12th Oct 2015

London Law Expo 2015 To coincide with our upcoming presence at the London Law Expo 2015 (please visit us at Stand C23!) at Old Billingsgate, London on Tuesday 13th October 2015 we have put together some useful...

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Lost in Translation: are mistakes really funny?

14th Sep 2015

We are sure that sometimes you have come across blunders related to languages, especially when dealing with translation of books, films and advertising campaigns. Translation pitfalls are more common than you would imagine. It feels like Bob...

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What will be the languages of tomorrow? Be prepared to be surprised!

24th Aug 2015

According to recent figures, 480 million people speak English all over the world, but the language of Shakespeare is threatened by the economic and political challenges of a globalised world. In fact, by 2020 the number of native speakers will...

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Importance and Necessity of Legal Translations

31st Jul 2015

With over 10% of the British population using a language other than English at home (according to the British Council) and global commerce on the rise, the need for multilingual contracts, forms, tenders and other legal documents is rapidly...

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Editing vs. Proofreading: What is the difference?

15th May 2015

Editing, proofreading and copyediting are often assumed to be the same thing — but they’re not. To help clarify things, we have created this helpful guide to explain the differences between these tasks. Editing Editing...

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'International Spanish', myth or reality?

24th Mar 2015

The purpose of this blog is to raise awareness and understanding on what is “International Spanish”.   It is estimated that around 495 million people worldwide speak Spanish as their native language in 21 countries,...

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Chinese New Year

23rd Feb 2015

Chinese New Year is the biggest festival in the calendar for Chinese communities and this year is set to be bigger than ever. With homes, stores, restaurants and offices decorated in red and gold – celebrations are set to take place...

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The Growing Need For Medical Translation

6th Jun 2014

Over the last few decades, the medical sector has changed rapidly and the importance of the correct flow of information has become crucial.  Added to that, as immigrant communities are growing around the country, hospitals, clinics and...

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History and Background of Gujarati Language

16th May 2014

Gujarati has evolved from Sanskrit and is an Indo-Aryan language which is part of the greater Indo-European language family. It is the official language for the state of Gujarat in India and some other territories and regions such as...

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Being the bearer of bad news

9th May 2014

When people ask me the most standard question on this planet, ‘what do you do for a living?’ I always reply with the simplest answer ever: ‘I am a medical interpreter’. What I normally hear in response is ‘oh,...

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The Interference between culture and communication

2nd May 2014

I’m going to share with you a few ideas from my dissertation, which I finished a few years ago to graduate with a Masters in Communication and Public Relations. Communication is a daily activity in everybody’s life,...

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The Language Bridge

25th Apr 2014

There are many reasons why I became a translator, but one of them has always stood out to me: to facilitate communication. Language always fascinated me with its power to establish relationships. Even animals possess their very own forms of...

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Volunteering: an experience of a lifetime

14th Apr 2014

The London 2012 Olympics has left a legacy for volunteering with the Game Makers.  Volunteering opens the door to a variety of opportunities in different fields. As an interpreter, following a successful volunteering opportunity in...

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30 Ways to say Hello around the World. How many can you remember?

21st Mar 2014

Arabic- sabbah-el-khair (good morning), masaa-el-khair (good evening), Marhaba (Hello) Armenian- barev or parev Bahamas– hello (formal), hi or heyello (informal) Basque - kaixo (pronounced kai-show), egun on (morning;...

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The Role of an Interpreter in the Public Sector

17th Mar 2014

Public Sector organisations including the NHS, Police, Central and Local Government regularly require credible, secure solutions for the support of non-English speakers.  Skilled Interpreters handle a full range of translation and...

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Pearl's Dream Team

7th Mar 2014

As a fairly new addition to the Pearl’s Sales Team I have been challenged with quite a few interpreting projects so far, and I have to admit that it is quickly becoming one of my specialties. Having provided you with a handful of facts...

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Evolving language

28th Feb 2014

Modern technology allows instant communication throughout the world, news events are transmitted into our living rooms from any corner of the globe as they unfold, and the internet on the whole knows no borders or cultural divide. Language...

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A short introduction to the Winter Olympic Games

21st Feb 2014

I love sport. I like the fact that sport brings people together. Whether it is a football match, a marathon run or the Olympic Games it always creates euphoria and happiness. Still fresh in our memories are the very successful London...

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Let a true professional handle your job

14th Feb 2014

In the days of the Internet anyone can do just about anything online, which inevitably includes cyber crimes such as fraud and identity theft. When we think of identity theft, we would usually think of the theft of our credit card details or...

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Is it difficult to be a Simultaneous Interpreter?

31st Jan 2014

Is it enough to know a few languages fluently, to be able to work as a simultaneous interpreter? “It’s happening again… Can’t understand a word… My hands grasp the microphone…” A...

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Lipspeaking Interpreters - Have you heard of them?

24th Jan 2014

In the UK one in six people have some degree of hearing loss. That's about 10 million people who may require communication support in their daily lives. Around 50,000 to 70,000 use British Sign Language as their preferred method of...

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How street/slang communication has parents on their toes!!

17th Jan 2014

As the Oxford English Dictionary now accepts words such as 'OMG' and 'BFF' one does wonder how to hold onto the correct grammar without conforming to the modern day slang. Learning a language is quite a difficult task...

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How much do you know about the African languages?

10th Jan 2014

As a Translator I always found languages fascinating; as a Sociologist I love getting to know more about cultures; my flirtation with journalism left me with a flair for research and as my experience as a Translation Project Manager taught...

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History of the Hungarian Language

3rd Jan 2014

The Hungarian language has a long history, which is hard to trace back to its exact beginning. Some have found roots beginning around 3,000 years ago. Depending on the way of life of Hungarians, settled or nomadic, it had a different...

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Cockney translators and interpreters wanted!

20th Dec 2013

The “real” Londoner, a Cockney, is whoever is born close enough to hear the church bells of St. Mary Le Bow. The term “Cockney'” comes from a 14th Century term, “cock's egg” and was used by...

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What do you know about British Sign Language (BSL)?

13th Dec 2013

It is traumatic enough being rushed to hospital in an emergency, but what if you couldn't understand the doctors talking to you about what was wrong – and you woke up after an operation still not knowing the full story? British...

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Equality Act 2010 and Interpreting Services in the UK

6th Dec 2013

NHS serves a richly diverse population and therefore it is crucial that it ensures that all its services are fair and equally accessible to everyone. Over 200 languages are spoken in the UK by members of public that are originated from 90...

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Braille: the 'language' that you can touch

29th Nov 2013

Walking the streets of a large town or while visiting a museum, have you ever happened to find yourself in front of a surface, placed midair, and noticed many spread raised dots upon it? Perhaps not everyone knows that those dots represent a...

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Did you know that...?

25th Nov 2013

· There are roughly 7,000 languages in the world today. However, some of them are sometimes only used in oral communication. · About 2,000 of those languages have fewer than 1,000 speakers. 46 languages have just a single...

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Is translation only about words?

15th Nov 2013

In 1956, famous Russian linguist and literary theorist Roman Jakobson defined three types of translation: interlingual, intralingual and intersemiotic. The first of the above is the part of every life of our translators: it pertains to...

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The Top 3 Easiest Foreign Languages to Learn for British People

11th Nov 2013

As Germanic and Romance dialects are related, the easiest languages for English mother tongue speakers to learn are: Afrikaans Like English, Afrikaans is in the West Germanic language family. Unlike English, its structure...

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Famous Stories Translated into African Languages

1st Nov 2013

FAMOUS STORIES TRANSLATED INTO AFRICAN LANGUAGES - The invaluable role of children's literature in translation in bringing children together through stories.  What greater hope could we have for our youngest citizens than that...

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Sign Languages: Definition, Importance and Types

11th Oct 2013

Sign languages commonly develop in deaf communities, which can include interpreters and friends and families of deaf people as well as people who are deaf or hard of hearing themselves. A sign language is a language which, instead of...

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Spanish: one of the most widely spoken languages in the world!

4th Oct 2013

In a globalized world like ours, the ability to speak foreign languages is gaining more and more importance every day. Therefore, in order to adapt to this challenging reality, it’s vital to start learning a new language. Everybody...

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Are you a polyglot?

20th Sep 2013

From my first year in school I have been learning 3 languages and thinking, will I ever learn more languages? And now, I have been working in the interpreting industry for quite a while and I have been wondering every day what does polyglot...

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Who knew Interpreting had Ancient roots?

16th Sep 2013

  Interpreting has been in existence ever since man has used the spoken word. It has therefore always played a vital role in the relationships between people of different origins since the beginning of mankind. However, there is a...

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Localisation and its role in the global market

9th Sep 2013

The tremendous impact that the advent of technology has had on society is evident on the emergence of the ideas of globalisation and uniformity among cultures. Even though technology unites people from all over the world, it cannot be denied...

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Simultaneous Interpreting Service Made Easy

30th Aug 2013

Who is a simultaneous interpreter? In simple terms, a simultaneous interpreter is someone who interprets for someone in another language while the speaker speaks without interruption. In other words, this type of interpretation is where...

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Communicating with people who are deafblind

23rd Aug 2013

Deafblindness is also sometimes known as dual sensory impairment, dual sensory loss or multi-sensory impairment. The Department of Health defines people as deafblind "if their combined sight and hearing impairment cause difficulties...

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Translating Business Success Abroad

9th Aug 2013

With the emphasis on an export-led economic recovery in the U.K., companies are now being encouraged more than ever to enter new foreign markets and develop their overseas business to boost their growth abroad. We’ve all heard of...

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The history of the Chinese language

2nd Aug 2013

As a native Chinese speaker myself, I feel in this ever changing and diverse society we live in, the Chinese language is becoming ever more popular amongst both native speakers as well as prospective learners. Chinese is a language with...

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European Union's growing requirements for Translation and Interpreting Services

26th Jul 2013

The European Union started with four languages and has expanded to 23 official and working languages in the last fifty years. The aim of the EU is to communicate with their citizens without any obstacles and provide them with...

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Languages and Dialects

19th Jul 2013

Public service interpreters provide accurate interpretation between patients, service users and professionals. They have a code of ethics they follow which includes patient confidentiality. Different language communities have certain...

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What will be the language of the future?

12th Jul 2013

English, as we all know, is the leading international language. Everywhere you go, language schools are offering English classes, English language courses and English summer schools. However, what will be the situation in the...

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Website Translation Services Made Simple

5th Jul 2013

Whether a company already has customers outside its country, or is considering getting its feet wet in international markets, website translation is a logical first step in reaching out to those customers abroad. In 2013, the first place...

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Benefits of Raising a Bilingual Child

28th Jun 2013

Are you looking for ways to help your children and provide benefits for their future education and career? One possibility that you may have overlooked is bilingualism. Beyond the ability to speak two languages, there are several benefits in...

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Languages-music to my ears

21st Jun 2013

As I was sitting in the reception at one of the busiest hospitals, waiting for the doctor to call the patient I was interpreting for today, I looked around the room and saw many people from different backgrounds and ethnic groups. I could...

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Dubrovnik in a different light

14th Jun 2013

As I have previously written; from birth I have been a bilingual person and over the years I have learnt different languages because that is my passion. After years of travelling to different countries I had never appreciated first-hand the...

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Interpreting-a universal skill for a thousand jobs

7th Jun 2013

Language interpretation is the facilitating of oral or sign-language communication, either simultaneously or consecutively, between users of different languages. The process is described by both the words interpreting and interpretation. An...

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Public Sector Interpreting - DNAs - Did Not Attend

31st May 2013

When interpreters are not attending pre-arranged assignments for whatever reason, it can have multiple effects on many parties involved. We call this in the industry ‘DNA’ or ‘Did Not Attend’. Such occurrences happen...

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The Role of a Community Interpreter

24th May 2013

Community interpreting is a job or role that includes interpreting language for individuals or small groups in a local community.  Community interpreters help these individuals to function within a society that speaks a language that is...

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CAT tools-what are they and why are they so important for a good translation?

17th May 2013

A couple of years ago, when I was just about to start my MA in Translation and Interpreting and I had to choose my optional modules, I came across CAT tools for the first time. Back then I was not aware what exactly they are and I could not...

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Staying professional

10th May 2013

Imagine you’re a new girl at work. You come to an unknown environment, introducing yourself to everyone. They  are all friendly, ask you where you are from, whether you have children or not. It all comes out in conversation...

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Empathy-human nature and an important interpreting skill

3rd May 2013

Every Friday  the Pearl Linguistics team shares news, opportunities and  interesting research  from the translation and interpreting field. Today, I’d like to point out a very important skill which makes the...

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Differences Between American and British English - which English you choose for your translation

26th Apr 2013

While there are certainly many more varieties of English, American English and British English are the two varieties that are mostly used. Generally, it is agreed that no one version of the language is "correct" however, there are...

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A day in the life of a Translation Project Manager at Pearl Linguistics

19th Apr 2013

At Pearl Linguistics we pride ourselves on the fact that our Translation Project Managers are all qualified translators, having studied either a Postgraduate Diploma or Master’s Degree in translation and/or interpreting studies. On the...

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The importance of Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tools in providing quality translation services

12th Apr 2013

First and foremost it is important to define what is a CAT tool. A CAT tool is a form of language translation in which a human translator uses computer software to support and facilitate the translation process. It is necessary not...

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Who was the true victor in hieroglyphic translation?

22nd Mar 2013

The Rosetta Stone was the essential key to modern understanding of Ancient Egyptian literature andcivilization. Scholars began attempting translations of the Rosetta Stone as quickly as they could get their hands on it. It didn't...

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The European Parliament's Interpreters

18th Mar 2013

The European Parliament has often been compared to the Tower of Babel in terms of the number of languages spoken within its walls. But, while communication failed in the Tower of Babel, the European Parliament very obviously doesn't have...

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It is all Greek to me!

8th Mar 2013

You speak Greek – you just don’t know it! Have you ever noticed that there is a gigantic catalogue of Greek words inside the English lexicon? In fact, the cataclysmic plethora of the Greek words used in an average English...

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CHANGE! It's not about accepting it, it's not about adjusting to it. It is about seeking it out!

25th Feb 2013

I have recently picked up a book of my husband’s that had been recommended to him from his work. It is titled Who Moved My Cheese? An Amazing Way to Deal with Change in Your Work and in Your Life. It’s a motivational book by...

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Did you know?

15th Feb 2013

The latest statistics show that Polish had become the second most commonly used language in UK. The creation of the European Union meant that a lot of Eastern European countries including Poland became part of the new political system and...

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Cultural diversity and its implication for NHS services

8th Feb 2013

Polish is now the main language spoken in England after English, according to 2011 Census data released by the Office for National Statistics. After English and Polish, the most frequently spoken languages in England and Wales are the...

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Simultaneous Vs Consecutive interpretation - Why are they so different?

1st Feb 2013

An interpreter is a mediator for people who are dealing with language barriers. They convert a thought or expression in a source language into an expression with a comparable meaning in a target language. The interpreter's function is to...

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Translation and Interpreting Apps on your Smart Phone - are they any good?

28th Jan 2013

Recently, Japan’s biggest mobile network, NTT Docomo has launched a new app offering real-time translations to allow people in Japan to speak to foreigners over the phone with both parties using their native tongue without the need for...

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Machine Translation vs Human Translation: Prince of Bel Air Google Translated

18th Jan 2013

Prince of Bel Airtheme song - these are the lyrics we’ve heard millions of times, but have we ever heard the lyrics of the song after they’re put in Google Translate? CDZA co-founder Joe Sabia shows us what happens when we...

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Looking to improve your interpreting skills?

11th Jan 2013

Knowledge is Power: Check out these courses to build your path to the highest standards of Professional Public Service Interpreting. This week‘s blog looks at ways aspiring interpreters can enhance their repertoire of...

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British Sign Language Facts

7th Jan 2013

In the last few years, there has been an increasing amount of interest in British Sign Language (BSL). Here are 6 quick facts for the beginner and newbies to BSL: -The sign language used in England and the UK is known as British Sign...

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Most Difficult Language To Learn and Top Five that Pearl Linguistics provides

21st Dec 2012

Overview: Chinese, Arabic, Hungarian, Japanese and Polish are said to be the hardest languages to learn, based on the approximate learning expectations compiled by the Foreign Service Institute (FSI) of the US Department of State....

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The First Interpreter

14th Dec 2012

As we know, every job of an interpreter and a translator is very important and some of it will even transcend.  Today I want to focus on the pioneer of this profession in the Americas.  491 years ago, on a day like today: in the...

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Have you won the argument? Really? Dispute Resolution in the Translation Industry

7th Dec 2012

Disputes do happen during the provision of translation services. Unfortunately, what we do is not an exact science. Sometimes there are five different ways of saying something and they are all correct. Occasionally, the way we said it might...

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Role of Translation in US Election

30th Nov 2012

The recent American election has underlined the need to make sure your translations are 100% accurate. The ethnic diversity across America is huge, with nearly a fifth of U.S. residents speaking a language other than English, and the...

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Legal Translation Services Made Simple

23rd Nov 2012

In a week when Pearl Linguistics sponsored the British Legal Awards for a second consecutive year, we thought it would be appropriate to provide useful information to legal professionals tasked with buying translation services on behalf of...

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Acceptance of Ebonics

16th Nov 2012

It has been just about forty years since books and articles documenting the linguistic validity of the various forms of African American English began to appear in serious numbers. Dell Hymes’s edited Pidginization and Creolization of...

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The Collapse of Barriers!

9th Nov 2012

"One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way" -Frank Smith Possessing knowledge of languages empowers us to break down all worldly barriers and the provision of translation and...

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Are you up to date with Medical Terminology?

2nd Nov 2012

Interpreting in surgeries is very challenging.  My job is to help non English speakers communicate with doctors and nurses.  Interpreting medical terms is a major part of my job such as Arthritis, Asthma, Epilepsy, Diabetes and...

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Public Service Interpreting Qualifications

26th Oct 2012

If you are thinking about a career in public service interpreting, perhaps it is worth obtaining professional qualifications. Here is a short guide to most common ones: Community Interpreting Level 3 The Community Interpreting...

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A usual day of an NHS interpreter

19th Oct 2012

The alarm clock went off again. It was the third time already and being almost awake now, Zlatko decided to get out of bed and resisted the temptation of hitting “snooze” again. He could see the booking confirmation text had...

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When and how to use interpreters

12th Oct 2012

WHEN AND HOW TO USE INTERPRETERS   (Some aspects of Code of Conduct from a different perspective) Dear Readers, The aim of this blog is to give Public Service providers an insight into some aspects of interpreting. I am...

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Working at Pearl...A Students Experience

5th Oct 2012

Dear Readers, It was part of my degree in Applied Translation that I should find a translation related work placement. It all happened so fast. I had applied at Pearl Linguistics and before I knew it I had started the...

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Should have gone to Pearl Linguistics!

28th Sep 2012

In the days of  24 hour news coverage and global media channels, it has never been more important to ensure that your message is accurately translated so that everything is understood clearly. However, even Premier League football...

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What qualities are required to be an NHS interpreter?

21st Sep 2012

Very Often I get asked this question… “What qualities are required to be an NHS interpreter?” It’s quite simple really, since you ‘the interpreter’ will be bridging the communication gap, not only do...

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Translating slang, idioms and swearwords

31st Aug 2012

At Pearl Linguistics we value all sorts of feedback. It is usually provided by our clients and concerns our contractors. Sometimes, however, our translators and interpreters wish to share their experiences. There is one particular subject...

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Swift solution to providing monthly management reports for use of language services

24th Aug 2012

Pearl Linguistics offers clients translation and interpreting  solutions for carrying out monthly usage reports via our own bespoke software, ORBIT ™ Dear Readers, My name is Leana Williams and I am the Account Executive...

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Language & Culturea barrier to many...including myself

17th Aug 2012

Almost three decades ago, I got married and moved from Madagascar to United Kingdom, a country I had no or very little knowledge of. It’s clear to say I couldn’t even speak English, without giving someone an opportunity to...

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Has the Olympics been a success?

10th Aug 2012

So far Yes. Having seen the Olympics Ceremony last Friday, the enormity of such a huge sporting project eventually dawned on me when over 200 nations walked through with their national flags to participate in the London 2012 games. At a time...

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Translating versus interpreting....

3rd Aug 2012

Translating versus interpreting....it’s the same, isn't it?! Working as an interpreter or a translator is a big challenge for all of us. Although the challenge is the same, the day to day is never the same. The role of...

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Mastering a foreign language...

27th Jul 2012

How long does it take for a professional translator and interpreter to master a language? As I was waiting for my last assignment on a sunny Monday afternoon I started thinking what I should write my blog about. As always, when I am...

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Amateur interpreters...

20th Jul 2012

Amateur Interpreters causing medical errors When it came to my turn to write a weekly blog I thought:”What sort of information would I like to share with the public? “Suddenly, I remembered Azra’s blog...

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Institutions within Translation industry

16th Jul 2012

  Key institutions within the UK Translation and Interpreting industry As well as being an ISO 9001 accredited organisation, Pearl Linguistics is a member of the Institute of Translation & Interpreting (ITI) and works...

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A growing need for translation...

6th Jul 2012

A GROWING NEED FOR TRANSLATION SERVICES FOR THE PUBLIC SECTOR With the recent enlargements to the European Union creating opportunities for people to move elsewhere more easily to work, translation has quickly become a necessity for...

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Delivering High Quality Services

29th Jun 2012

DELIVERING HIGH QUALITY TRANSLATION & INTERPRETING SERVICES TO INTERNATIONAL CLIENTS Over the last couple of decades, delivering quality translations and high levels of customer service has become increasingly complex and...

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Optimised translation services

22nd Jun 2012

Involving the client in the translation project cycle - ORBIT™: more than an innovative solution. Most companies at a certain stage in their development start looking at their options for implementing IT systems that support their...

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Language challenges and dilemmas

15th Jun 2012

Language Challenges and Dilemmas in Interpreting Services for the NHS It goes without saying that good quality health care evidently requires effective communication between the patient and health Practitioner.  However this is not...

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Why does communication matter?

8th Jun 2012

Why do communication and interpreting services matter in the NHS? Communication skills are critical for medical staff, to be able to obtain an accurate patient health history and to establish correct diagnoses. This is challenging enough...

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Translators make Europe go round!

1st Jun 2012

The European Union started with four languages and has expanded to 23 official and working languages in the last fifty years. The aim of the EU is to communicate with their citizens without any obstacles and provide them with all...

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Where do we draw the line?

25th May 2012

Low cost Translation and Interpreting services for the Public Sector: Where do we draw the line? When I started working in the industry over six years ago, the landscape of translation and interpreting looked very different. For many...

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Go for it Linguists!

18th May 2012

Last week I watched a fascinating programme on television about the journey of a 19 year old young man, who had never learned a foreign language before and had only once travelled abroad on a family holiday to Spain. The aim of the programme...

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Becoming a linguist

11th May 2012

A few tips on how to get into the translation/interpreting industry You have spent years of study to master the language of your choice and are now – after having finally graduated – evaluating your options. Maybe you are...

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More than a discipline?

4th May 2012

Project Management – more than a discipline? Definitely yes! In the last decade globalisation has lead to a huge demand for translation services as many businesses seek to expand into emerging markets. Translation is now seen...

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Lost in Interpretation? Really!!

27th Apr 2012

I don’t think so! There was an article published in the newspapers in February 2012 saying that the NHS paid out £23.3 millions for translations and interpreters in 2011 - a 17 per cent rise since 2007!  Way back in...

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Quo Vadis, Translator?

20th Apr 2012

Or shall I rather ask ‘Why do you still bother?’ In the recent years we have all seen remarkable stagnation of translation industry caused by long-running credit crunch, reduced investment opportunities and substantial budget...

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Our first blog...

6th Jul 2011

Hello all, welcome to our Blog! Some of you already know us, for those of you who don’t, Pearl Linguistics is a translation and interpretation company based in the City of London.  The purpose of this blog is not to go...

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